Rosette models
All pieces require light sanding and desired finishing techniques.

We can provide referrals to craftsmen for desired finishing techniques before shipment and/or installation in the greater New Orleans, La area.

All measurements are approximate.

We are usually able to work with client designs or suggestions for their desired changes to shown carvings.
Clients are encouraged to contact us with their design ideas for their specific needs.
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New Orleans, Louisiana

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An example of some cypress carvings that were reproduced.
These cypress carvings that were reproduced in a
polyurethans resin material.

Impregnated into the resin are fiberglass threads.

This material is easily sanded. Primed and painted, they are reproductions of the original.

We suggest pre-drilling if nailing or screwing.
These reproductions can easily be attached with many of today's adhesives.