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Carved Door Trim
Carved Door Patterns
Looking for
something different?
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Carved with techniques similar to those of
an earlier craft
and suited to an earlier tradition as they are today,
these beautifully carved pieces make beautiful
and lasting embellishments for any home or office.

In days past, some of the very finest decorator items were the ones carved in solid wood.

Consider a beautifully carved trim for your dining room doors..........


The carved window frame accents in the kitchen that match the decorative carving on the cabinet doors........

Possibly, you can see your living room with a large ceiling medallion with matching pattern accents radiating out from each corner of the ceiling.

As you can imagine, the possibilities are as endless as they are dramatic and pleasing.

These carvings are rare and unique decorator pieces for your enjoyment. They will be talked about and admired by your family and friends for many years to come.

Enjoy yourself looking around our site. As we are constantly updating, visit us often.

Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy your visit at CarvedWood.
Carved Door Trim